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Hosting Option: GLOW R1 200.00/pa

Intended for: SiteBuilder™ or Custom Designed websites. All most sites will ever need …

Generous 5GB monthly bandwidth allowance and 500mb of hard drive space means that a thousand people can read 100 pages each, or ten thousand can view 10 pages … each and every month.

Up to 50 mailboxes, one of which can be a "catchall", to gather misspellings.

POP accounts, and forwarders (aliases) are easy to set up securely in the online control panel.

Overusage charged at: R2.00 per GB, but if upgrading's cheaper, we'll give you a retro-active upgrade. We'll also warn you in time, if your site's getting that hot. This is a "problem" you want to have… that much traffic is a sign of great success!

Hosting upgrades, for Custom website on GLOW hosting:


R1 500.00


thereafter, your annual cost would be your domain renewal (R100.00 for, R200.00 for most others) and hosting services as per the hosting option you're on, i.e. GLOW, BURN or EXPLODE.

All hosting options have:

An online control panel (Award winning Konsole-H) lets you set up and control your email accounts and FTP passwords and access detailed statistical reports on your site traffic.

and the following facilities:

Full range of MIME types
CGI counter / date / time
CGI Email (form handling code)
MySQL 5.0
PostgreSQL 7.4.6
Custom CGI
PHP 4 & 5
Perl 5
C, C++
Telnet / SSH
Support for SSI
FrontPage 2002 Extensions


Overusage: R2.00 per GB, with the option to upgrade hosting option retroactively, if cheaper.



Do it yourself easy web publishing and just hosting custom designed websites rebuilds and revamps

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